Monday, March 21, 2005

thai takeaway

Last night, I cooked a 2-course Thai meal for 18 people and delivered it to their house. It was great fun! I spent the afternoon chopping coriander and aubergines and onions and green beans and chicken breasts and then trying to keep it all in the wok while it cooked whilst trying not to overcook the rice (kinda failed there) and then serve it all into those little tin-foil boxes you get from the takeaway.

In all, I cooked:
- 48 mini fishcakes
- 4 noodle soups
- 11 green chicken curry
- 3 green prawn curry
- 4 vegetable curry
- lots of plain rice
- 5 coconut rice
- 6 jasmine rice

Maybe I'll skip the PGCE and open a takeaway? Hmm. Nah, I don't think it'd be so much fun if I did it all the time.

BUT it did raise nearly £200 for The Stable building fund. Thanks to the CCC people.


  1. Yum... sounds great (and very good cause)!
    Just point of clarification - on my blog - below the review of Constantine - the picture caption "checking how good Rachel W looks in a wet white vest" wasn't actually about you (although for all I know it could be!?)

  2. ok, hi rach,
    thanks for changing the comments settings. Now i can ask you - how you organised this thai takeaway thing - sounds like a good way to raise some cash. Could you give me the details?



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