Wednesday, April 13, 2005

all a matter of time

About a week ago, Kerenza let slip that she'd got a blog of her own but wouldn't tell me where it was.

Now, Kerenza is great - she's fun, caring, really interesting, she plays the flute so well you just want to listen to more, she's really into recycling and environmental issues and she recently spent a year in Bali learning the gamelan. So who wouldn't want to read a blog written by someone as interesting as that?

So you can see why I wanted to know where it was? Well, I finally lured her into commenting on my blog. I might've known it'd be chocolate that got her in the end!!!

So.... here she is!


  1. Hey Rach you sly dog (um, not that you're a "dog" or anything...).
    I did the same thing by luring a friend to comment and then finding his blog - very cloak and dagger.

  2. Oh poo-sticks! Forgot that my name would come up as a link! Damn damn damn! Dont read it anyone!!!!! Or I'll play the viola at you!



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