Wednesday, April 13, 2005

hurrah for mars

I love Revels! And now I can eat a whole packet without worry. Because the lovely people at Mars have seen fit to remove the nasty evil peanut ones and have replaced them with yummy raisin ones.

I'm not allergic to peanuts so it's no great tragedy if I do eat one, but nuts and chocolate in combination have just never done it for me.

Way back, I worked in a burger stand at Luton Town Football Club. When I first started there, one of the terms of work was that we were allowed to eat whatever we wanted (within reason of course). Now, I wouldn't eat one of those burgers if my life depended on it - in that situation, chances are you'd die either way! But there was chocolate... Mmmm. Revels, to be precise.

It turned into a regular game. We'd arrive and set up the stand, preparing a load of burgers for the first run of customers before the game. Big rush, lots of sales, followed by another round of preparation ready for half time. Then there would be a break and two or three of us would gather around a packet of Revels to play guess the Revel. We became quite expert at recognising the peanut ones instantly and not eating them. Those got thrown over the fence in front of the stand - I wonder if the journalists and cameramen ever noticed their weekly chocolate peanut shower?

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  1. I LOVED playing guess the Revel! We always used to buy them when going to watch a show at a theatre, which gave the added challenge of not quite being able to discern in the semi-darkness, what the revel was (except for the plain chocolate one- the best in my humble opinion!), which gave the risk of accidently eating a nasty one! Compounded with the challenge of trying to reach into the packet without annoying your neighbours, who would frown at the slightest crackle! I would have preferred however, if they had got rid of the Coffee one instead, which is horrid! Mmm, might go and buy some in Waitrose now...Thanks Rach!



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