Thursday, April 28, 2005

the interpreter

At last! A film we both enjoyed and both stayed awake for!!

The Interpreter, with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, is a relatively predictable security thriller with the obligatory (but not too invasive) romantic edge. Despite this, I loved it - a film that could make me laugh, cry, hide behind my hands and still keep me guessing what was going to happen next.

More enjoyable than anything else I've seen so far this year anyway.


  1. Nice one Rachel - as per my review - Interpreter was very watchable (as long as you have brain as it's no dumb popcorn flick).

    I'm very very very excited as I've just been invited to the UK Media Press Screening of STAR WARS: Revenge Of The Sith - a full 2 weeks before it opens...
    The force is currently strong in Hitchin.

  2. yeah, the Interpreter is probably the best film i've seen at the Cinema this year.

    Enduring Love meanwhile ties with The Village in the best ones I've seen this year, obviously both DVD... and in the former case because it never screened anywhere near us at the cinema...

  3. Yay!! Well done you two...

  4. I'll second Dave on Enduring Love - it's very well acted, and visually compelling.



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