Thursday, May 05, 2005

long time no blog

...well... at least a week anyway. Hmm. What's happened since then..

Small group - more creative worship and engaging discussion. Err. So engaging I can't remember what it was about. Oh yeah. What do you (personally) have to believe as a Christian.

PitStop again. God was amazing.

Prayer meeting followed by shopping for trainers in Camden and Oxford Street. Then a gig with Dropping Clangers in the evening which was like a childrens party in a swimming pool (and was actually an anniversary party in a hall) but fun nonetheless.

Church followed by fantastic roast with the Merryweathers. Mouse Trap, Chess, being attacked by a 2 year old, 4 year old, 6 year old and 7 year old, Scalectrix, garden football, sand pits and fun! Then off to Cockfosters to meet the Fixed team and introduce them to Top Golf

Lovely picnic lunch on Hampstead Heath with Jude and Lucy which was fab despite us leaving the kite at my house, most of the food at Lucy's house and the blanket in Jude's car. Yeah we were really on the ball that day! Then Thai food in Ealing in the evening for Flan's surprise birthday do.

Work and stuff.

A day in the City with Jude at the City of London Boiler Room meeting Andrew Baughen, having fab chilli at the Three Kings on Clerkenwell Green, wandering through the Bunhill Fields Cemetery, meeting Mary Lou and being shown round the Guildhall including the amazing excavated Roman Amphitheatre. Then a brief visit to the rest of the Baughen family and on to meet Gemma for a couple of cocktails. Dan came and we went out for dinner which was nice even if it took them 90mins to remember to serve it to us. Finished the evening off at a great gig by The Machine

And here we are... Thursday!

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  1. So, in your opinion, what do you *have* to beleive in order to be a Christian?





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