Tuesday, May 10, 2005

the yellow button

Jude, Dan and I went to IKEA last night to buy lighting and stuff for the boiler room. Kinda cool - no repeat of the "throw nativity" though. Maybe it was just too good to do it again?

Anyway, at the end of the evening, there we were - trolley loaded, ice creams in hand, piling into the lift down to the car park with about 5 other small groups of people with trolleys. But just at that time when you might expect the doors to close and the lift to move, this flippin awful screeching sound started, a bit like a car alarm I guess. We all looked around... nothing. I got out of the lift... no change. I pressed the button.... no change. So I got back in the lift again.

Then... something shifted, the noise stopped and the doors closed. Problem solved. Something had been pressing on the big yellow button with the alarm bell on it.

What was it? Oh, I can't tell you - I promised Jude I wouldn't mention where she was leaning...


  1. after seeing the Boiler Room on Saturday I KNEW you'd be going to Ikea for a visit

  2. Ikea? I wonder if I'm the only person not to have set foot in one of thier trendy rambly named venues...



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