Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I went to my first ever Pilates class last night. It's flippin hard!

  • You have to stand straight with relaxed shoulders.

  • Then you have to tilt your pelvis so that it's in "neutral" position which is apparently where it's supposed to be but we slouch bad.

  • Next you have to tense your stomach muscles and only partially release them (like when you're holding your stomach in to wear that dress)

  • Still relaxing your shoulders, tilting your pelvis and tensing your stomach muscles, you also have to tense and part release your pelvic floor muscles (the ones you use to stop yourself peeing)

  • Holding all of that, you THEN do exercises.

  • On top of that, as a musician I'm trained to breathe from my stomach and diaphragm and now do it naturally all the time. In Pilates, you're holding your stomach muscles in tension so you have to breathe from your chest. People who haven't been trained either way naturally use a combination of both.

    It's a real challenge - try tensing your stomach without tensing your shoulders too. Try clenching your pelvic floor muscles whilst keeping your pelvis tilted. Try holding your stomach tense and breathing. Try doing all at once whilst lifting one leg and not falling over. Aaaaaaaaaaargh!

    I think patting my head and rubbing my stomach is more my level...


    1. Hey Rachel, can't help thinking that this post would have been better if you'd uploaded a photo of you either 'in Pilates action' or in 'that dress'!?

    2. I concur fully with the above assessment of the merits of this post. It would perhaps be satisfactory with a photo of you patting your head and rubbing your stomach, possibly dressed as some kind of vegetable

    3. LOL!

      I've done two pilates courses - it gets easier, honest!


    4. yeah I have had singing lessons and had some great relaxation exercises - now a great advocate of breathing from the diaphraghm- don't think pilates is for me

    5. I like the ESV too! thought I was the only one...

    6. so does that mean you can only pee when you are sliuching now?

    7. why would you do this to yourself?

    8. my brain aches just thinking about it.. I have a friend learning to be a pilates instructor who i now have new-found respect for.



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