Thursday, June 23, 2005

the isis project

Usually I don't like to blog about CDs until I've had a chance to listen to them several times over a few days. This one arrived this morning so I've only really heard it once (nearly twice) but I love it already.

The Isis Project is a series of songs written by Guy Chambers over the past 6 years as a response to particular events in his life - his engagement and the birth of his daughter, Isis, two years later. The Isis Project is Chambers' 18th birthday present to his daughter who is currently only 4.

The music is gentle and relaxing underneath the French lyrics sung by actress, Sophie Hunter. It's nothing particularly new or ground breaking but it is beautiful. And, unless you are fluent in French, it has that added mysterious quality that you don't really know what the songs are about.

Isis is a great album to chill out and relax to or, as I have discovered today, to keep you calm whilst working in an office when its so sunny and gorgeous outside!

There's more at the Isis Project website but it requires a more up to date version of Flash than I have here so I can't tell you what it is! Watch that space for Chambers forthcoming projects - an album for his son, Marley, and a ballet for his younger daughter, Gala.


  1. sounds interesting - I think Guy Chambers wrote some stuff for Robbie Williams

  2. Yep! Guy Chambers is the man behind Angels

  3. and on this album he had help from Keren Ann. I'm listening to her at the moment, she's amazing!

  4. Rach i know this sounds weird, but I am trying to track down Phil Chenery, my mobile got stolen and I never got his number of anyone cos nobody had it, and i miss him loads, he was one of my best friends. Do you think maybe ou could get his number of his sister for me! I am so sorry to ask! It probably sounds so weird! I have tried everything to get in touch with him!
    Sorry to ask!



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