Monday, August 22, 2005

my little brother!

Mr and Mrs Owen!!

My little brother got married on Saturday!! It was a great day, perfect weather (at least, that's what the photographer said!), lots of people and lovely food... and Gav and Em both looked amazing.

They've been together over 8 years already so Em's been part of the family for ages but its nice to have it all signed, sealed and delivered!

Speech time was really emotional with some lovely things said by Em's Dad, Gav (who cried a lot!) and Other-Brother-Dan who was v funny!

Congratulations Gavin and Emma Owen!!


  1. I ended up on your site via Laura's I think! And what a surprise! Gav is married!!! Congratulations to you both! Long are the days when Gavin used to annoy me by blowing his trumpet in my ear or coming up with the most unsual words you've ever heard in English! But well done to both of you! PS - I think your mum and dad live next door but one to my boyfriend!!! Small world eh?!!!

  2. I can't believe little Gav is married too! I'm sounding like Helen who is convinced that my sister can't be 23 with a mortgage! I have tried telling her so many times that they age as we do - they don't just stay the same! Congrats to him and Emma though - they both look gorgeous!



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