Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the inquisitive mind...

My answers to Martin's questions...

1) What is your favourite flavour of crisps and how is this justified by Leviticus?
Those posh Walkers ones in the white packets, Roast Lamb and Mint flavour. Leviticus 3v7

2) Which pop singer and/or film star would you most like to stroll up and kick in the shins when they are smugly accepting an award?
Mr Blobby because his song did way better than it ever should have done and he seemed to have a penchant for kicking other people in the shins so it'd make a change for the boot to be on the other proverbial foot.

3) Why should I get off the train at Luton next time I'm on my way to London?
To be honest, if you want to go to London, getting off at Luton would seem a little silly to me as you'd only be part of the way there. It'd be like selling yourself short. That aside, if you want reasons to visit Luton....

- there are two skeletons in the museum in the park which used to fascinate me as a child.
- Luton is full of lovely people and it'd be well worth you meeting them all.

4) Tell us about one of the things you did as a child that you know you shouldn't have done and you don't think your parents know about.
I once threw a sugared almond at my maths teacher, after colouring it in with a pencil so that it looked like a stone. Don't ask me why we had sugared almonds in maths because I don't know. And don't ask me why I threw it because I don't know that either. Did I get in trouble for it? No.

I also got caught supergluing a daddy long legs to a windowsill one lunchtime with my brother and his mate. It was just one of those things that seemed a good idea at the time.

5) Now that you've moved to the Midlands, why won't you see Willy Wonka with me?
Because I saw it last night with my husband.

There. Right... you know the drill. If you want questions, leave a comment saying so and I'll see what I can come up with.


  1. Woo! Love, love, love, as Bono once imaginatively said. So with you on the crisps. Otherwise, you're very cruel.

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  3. It's so silly, but I cant get past the question- I've read it and understood it, but my mind instantly makes me think of Leviathan flavoured crisps. And I know that it was of course Levictus, but that big sea monster seems to be stuck in my mind- and strangely, the crisps seem to be bacon flavoured! And worse than that, Leviathan looks like one of the Family Ness in my head! Ahrgh!!!



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