Wednesday, August 10, 2005

new house

Here we are!! We've been in Cov now for over a week and are all settled and nearly unpacked in our proper grown up house. I even mowed the lawn (front and back!!) yesterday so be impressed!

  • 1 bathroom packed and cleaned (thanks Jude)

  • 1 kitchen packed and cleaned (thanks Pippa)

  • 1 wardrobe and 1 bed dismantied (and 1 couple sleeping on the floor that night!)

  • 2 bedrooms hoovered

  • Everything we own that was left to pack packed (phew!)

  • 4 yummy take away Thai meals from the Cock and Dragon and 1 sausage and chips from the chippy down the road

  • Saturday
  • 7 bacon sarnies

  • 5 willing helpers (thanks Steve, Achanda, Jason, Daniel and Stu)

  • 1 large lorry with tail lift (just a perk of having a father in law who works in van hire)

  • 1 lorry loaded in 2.5 hours

  • 1 whole house hoovered and emptied

  • 1 piano collected from Harpenden

  • 1 piano deposited in Marsh Farm

  • 1 HUGE lunch prepared by my mum

  • 1 piano collected from my parents' house

  • 1 lorry and 2 cars zooming up the M1

  • 4 more willing helpers (thanks Mum, Dad, Gavin and Bernie)

  • 1 empty lorry and 1 house full of boxes

  • 2 rats relieved to be out of their small cage and back in their cage mansion again

  • 1 Chinese meal consumed

  • 1 bed and 1 wardrobe reassembled

  • 1 kitchen unpacked (thanks Gav)

  • 5 new neighbours met.... Hi Steve, Mary, Natasha, James and Lauren

  • lots of tired people

  • Since then...
  • 7 pieces of flat pack furniture assembled

  • Several boxes unpacked

  • Several bags filled with rubbish, too many to fit in the wheelie bin

  • A disgustingly large amount of money spent on furniture (err.. hello IKEA)

  • 1 bargain new sofa (err... hello Oxfam home store!)

  • 1 thumb hit with hammer and two heads banged on door frames/loft beams

  • Too much time spent with finger under cold tap, waiting for it to get hot (they are the other way around here)

  • 1 church visited and one guy met who used to go to Dan's parents' church in Enfield

  • 1 BBQ and several microwave or just-add-water meals (our cooker isn't connected yet)

  • 1 tiny but very noisy camping fridge in the kitchen (our fridge freezer won't arrive until September)

  • Several employment agencies visited and one telephone interview. No work yet though.

    1. Hay ya girl!
      Missing you! People are being all grown up - even Jen now has a grown up house it's scary!

      I will see ya soon.

    2. glad to hear you're settling in ok - I was talking to my new atheist housemate about our Warwick Castle plan and he thinks it's not gonna work - well we'll see. God bless

    3. ooh, glad it's going well - ikea rules! we spent around £2k there kitting out our house - ouch. :)

      sarah x



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