Monday, September 05, 2005

greenbelt 2005

Greenbelt was great this year. The whole site felt really relaxed and chilled out the whole weekend. Even the new layout didn't seem to phase people and whilst the Tiny Tea Tent's new Arena home means it's not at all tiny anymore, it was great to be able to laze on the grass there, drinking exotic tea and watching the mainstage acts on the big screen.

What I saw this year:
Duke Special on mainstage, fab as ever.
Steve Lawson and friends' beautiful Global Footprint piece. Click on his name to read his description of it in his blog.
Andy Flannagan in the Performance Cafe, missed most of it as I was changing and then just hung out outside where we couldn't see with Jude & co.
The Proclaimers, scary gig as Ruth knew ALL the words.
Meeker on Stage 2, one of the best Meeker gigs I've ever seen.
The Tiny Tea Tent, which introduced me to Chocolate Tea. Mmmmmmmm!
The Greenbelt Festival Orchestra (insiders' view)
Early morning worship on Saturday and MPH themed worship on Monday including James of Spherical Bowl blog fame dressed as a tin man (see photos above)
And Estelle on main stage - kinda wish I hadn't bothered!

Things I missed which I wish I'd seen:
Taking Names (brother in law's friend's band)
Taize Worship
One or two seminars which might've been good

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