Tuesday, September 06, 2005

three years

We’ve been married three years! Sometimes it feels like way longer, other times I can’t believe three years have gone so fast.

Before you get married, everyone tells you how your love for your partner just grows and grows. At the time, you think “yeah right, like I could love him more” but its so true. Its quite amazing really.

Marriage is a funny thing. Certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done by a long way, especially the first year. But it IS worth it and it does get better. Dan and I know each other better and are much more settled with each other now than we ever were.

To celebrate the end of our third year, we went to Warwick on our anniversary, August 31st. Now that we live in Coventry, Warwick is really close and it seemed appropriate to go to the place with which we share our name to celebrate. Both of us wanted “proper food” – i.e. no exotic cuisine for us that night – so we ended up in Findon’s Restaurant under the bell tower of the big church in Old Square. Apart from the fact that we’d managed to go during bell ringers practice, the restaurant was really quiet – only 3 groups other than us and they sat us all in different areas so it was still really intimate. The menu was scarily expensive but we decided to ignore the prices (apart from on the wine list… err… no thanks, not for £25 a bottle!) and just had whatever we fancied. I won’t bore you with the details but it was all great, especially the beef I had. I’d go back…. If I could afford to!

To finish off the day, we listened to some of our wedding service on CD – the vows we made and the words spoken over us by Hugo in his talk and by Hugo, Jude and Vicki in the prayers. It was great to remind ourselves of what we’d promised each other and of the truths and promises from God via our friends on that day too.

Three years down…. Here’s to a load more and a continuation of the “it just gets better and better” stuff!


  1. Hey getting married often seems like a good idea at the time...

    And as a veteran of 11 years I can confirm that it is!! And without getting too soppy, it's all true about the 'love em even more' stuff - am still hopelessly in love with my wife...

    Nice one!

  2. Sounds very groovy! Congrats on ur wedding anniversary hun! Love ya x x

  3. Thanks for never being a smug married!!!! Love ya lots



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