Friday, September 30, 2005


Dan came home at 6 last night and we were just chatting about what we'd both done that day. I mentioned that I'd walked through the Warwick Arts Centre on the way to the bookshop and noticed that Kate Rusby was playng there that evening. So we decided to go!

Kate Rusby is a contemporary folk singer and guitarist from Barnsley. She's got a fantastic voice and I've got to admit she's a pretty good guitarist too (I'll save my "girls and guitars" rant for another day). Added to that, she has an amazing band behind her so the whole thing is a rich and beautiful sound. She's kinda funny in between songs too, although all of her band do seem completely obsessed with tuning their instruments the whole time.

Her tour has only just started and its brilliant so I'd definitely recommend going along if there's a gig near you...

Maybe we should be spontaneous more often?


  1. Ooh, I want to hear this rant!

    I once heard Kate Rusby referred to in the middle of a screaming row and it replays every time I hear mention of her name...

  2. Yeh I was at Warwick Yesterday.

    Big Big fan of Kate ever since I saw her on BBC4 late one evening 20 months ago.

    I was just going up to bed with coco and had a quick flick of the TV controller.

    Kate was singing "Live from leeds" (you can get the DVD and I was transfixed. Coco got cold as I sat mesmorised for the next hour.

  3. girls and guitars... you picking a fight!!! Must catch you soon

    Bless you lots

  4. Me too, looking forward to the "girls and guitars" rant :)

  5. andrew goodchildOctober 03, 2005 2:24 pm

    Hi Rachel

    Long time no see, thought I might, as you suggest, be spontaneous and send you a message! (Slightly out of the blue I appreciate)

    I have just discovered Friends Reunited (I know I’m about 5 years behind the rest of the world (I’ve been busy)) and I noticed your post, followed the links and here I am. I also recall you writing in my leaving book when we left Stopsley that I should keep in touch, better late than never.

    Looks like you’ve been busy as well judging by the contents of this website, can’t believe your studying to be a teacher (I think there was an inevitability about you being a teacher but hey that’s just my opinion!)

    It would be great to here from you if you have a moment – not quite sure of how to leave my e-mail address without the world and his wife sending me stuff but here goes:

    Firstname dot secondname at midbeds dot gov dot uk



  6. in reply to your note - at the end we get a postgraduate certificate of education, and 60 credits of a masters.... which is valid for 5 years... so basically, no we don't get much extra?

    is yours still called "postgraduate certificate of ed?" ...cos our lecturer tried saying that you have to do masters stuff (at any uni - although apparently only some offer it) to get the postgrad cert of ed (otherwise you get a professional graduate certificate of ed).... and i don't believe her!

    did the above make sense??!!

    hope all's good - we find out on friday what school we're at for our first placement. keeping fingers crossed i don't have to travel too far...

    sarah x



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