Wednesday, October 05, 2005

not such a great start...

This morning I took an Earl Grey teabag from the stand in the canteen, placed it in my cup, put my cup under the machine.... and pressed the Cafe Au Lait button instead of the Hot Water button. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! Actually, white coffee with a hint of bergamot isn't too bad but it wasn't a great start to the day.

In fact, it wasn't the start at all - by that point I'd already had an hour of English (accents and dialects and Standard English and all that) and two hours of ICT (playing with gadgets like scanners, cameras, digi microscopes and child-friendly video cameras)

We're finally on broadband at home so no more faffy bluetooth GPRS connections through my mobile phone. It's only taken us five weeks from connection to actually get it sorted - having probs with configuring the router, connecting the computer, router and our broadband account and such like. Thanks to Jude and her Firefox tip off, we're all up and running now.

Unfortunately, running the phone line through the microfilter means muchos distortion on the line. I spent an hour being passed between departments at BT last night, getting more and more frustrated as each one claimed they couldn't sort it and passed me on to someone else. At one point I even got put on hold and then dumped onto another line without any explanation at all. Grrrrrrrrrrr!! The end result...? They've registered a fault on the line and they'll get back to us. Grr grr grr grr grr grr grr!

Anyway. This really is just pointless rambling so I probably ought to go and do some work really.


  1. mine did that.. had to plug everything in at source, doesn't cope with any extensions.. or go off line to make calls.. which kind of negates teh point of broadband really but hey!

  2. When you are told you'll get shunted by BT, ask the person you're talking to about the "My Customer Promise". Essentially BT staff are not allowed to shunt customers. They instead are supposed to find someone who can resolve your problem, so you only end up talking to two people in total (the one who answered the call, and the relevant person they found).

  3. flounder in the convineence that is a permenent connection..though this does mean your bloggin life should improve loads....yay for us!



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