Friday, October 07, 2005

bulb issues

Elmo Slide-51
It was Dan's birthday recently and I managed to get him this vintage slide projector for less than �60 on ebay. He'd been talking about getting a projector for ages to use for projecting weird arty images around the house. We spent an amusing evening projecting images onto the curtains and then running out onto the street to see if the neighbours could see them.

Last week, just a week after Dan's birthday, we had the projector on with a spaceman larger than life on our curtains. I was happily typing away at the computer when there was a BANG and most of the electrical items in the house had gone off, including the computer and hifi. The lights were still on. Turned out the bulb had gone inside the projector and fused one of the circuits in the house. Of course the fused circuit was easily remedied by the flick of a switch. The bulb, however, is another story.

I've been looking today to see if we could get a replacement. The projector is an Elmo Slide-51 and it takes a 300W Philips 6131 bulb. You can't get one of those for less than �300!!!! We could get 5 projectors for that!

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