Friday, October 07, 2005

i can't believe I forgot to post this....

Last weekend, Dan and I went to Folkestone to spend sometime with the lovely Naomi and Ben who are getting married next year. It was fab to see them, and also to be by the sea, especially now we live in the part of the UK which is furthest from the sea in any direction. Anyway... after a lovely day walking along the beach and sampling cream teas in a clifftop cafe, we headed back to Naomi's parents' exceedingly posh brand new flat for a chilled out evening with Simon, Sharon and Louis (yes, we watched X-Factor)

I can't remember what started it but something came up in conversation which led to me betting Dan that he couldn't remain silent for an hour. I was only joking but he took the challenge. For any of you reading this who don't know Dan, you need to realise that this is a very rare occurrence! Dan is never short of things to say!

Anyway, we settled down with our Muller Crunch Corners to watch the boot camp stuff. Naomi, Ben and I were commenting on how awful some of the singers were and such like. Well, that's what X-Factor is for isn't it? and Dan was nodding along in agreement. It wasn't until the first ad break, 20 minutes in, that I realised he'd taken my bet seriously. He wasn't going to speak for a whole hour.

And he managed it!! He actually managed it!!


  1. Very impressive Dan! How did he manage it? Socks in the mouth?!

  2. Wow, managing it is achievement enough...but managing it whilst watching X-Factor?!! That is masterful indeed.

    Hat is off.



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