Monday, October 10, 2005

star of the week....

This week's star of the week award goes to.... Cathy!! Cath ran the Cardiiff Marathon on Sunday in 3 hours, 54 minutes and 15 seconds. A damn fine time!! Nice one!

In other news:
  • Had a fab time with Jude this weekend, thanks!

  • Saw three films:

  • Bridget Jones, the Edge of Reason: OK.... kinda fuzzy and fun.

  • The Village: Absoulutely amazing and not the scary thriller I expected at all. A slightly scary film with a beautiful story.

  • Pride and Prejudice: Love love loved it! Especially Mr Bennett - he's the Daddy!!

  • Changed the way the fridge door opened while Dan was away and didn't tell him. Ha ha ha ha!

  • Found out that my first teaching placement will be in Tamworth which is 31 miles away from here. Have to go on uni transport which means that for the next 4 weeks, my life will be entirely dictated by a minibus and 30 5 or 6 year olds. Wahey!

    1. How long did he spend trying to open it then? (Yes, I am still a commenter round these parts!)

    2. Rach- you took me off your blog roll! I under stand though as I wasn't up dating it much! I've started doing to again!



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