Friday, November 11, 2005

As I said before, the church we've joined here in Coventry is currently in the midst of a month of 24-7 prayer with another local church. This pic is just a tiny glimpse of some of the stuff in there. There are a few more photos on my FlickR (click on one of the photos in the moving thingy on the right if you want to see)

This week's theme has been Intimacy. The room is amazing. As with most prayer rooms, you can just feel God's presence as you walk through the door. People say they think they'd find it hard to pray for a whole hour. It's hard not to pray in there.

I've spent a bit of time in there this week, although not as much as I'd have liked. It's a great place of peace, just somewhere to go and meet with God. Life's so busy its hard to find time and space to get intimate with God so I've really appreciated having somewhere just for that purpose.

It's changeover this weekend as next week's theme is Holiness. I can't wait...

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