Monday, November 07, 2005

busy busy busy!

What a weekend!!

I had an idea this weekend was going to be quite full so I spent Thursday and Friday evenings trying to get ahead with all my work and lesson planning. It was a nice idea. In the end I spent Thursday tidying and making birthday cards and Friday evening planning one single maths lesson (wayyyy tooo long!)

Anyway, Saturday came and Dan and I went down to Westwood Church to help set up the room for a month of 24-7 prayer happening there. Westwood Church and Coventry Vineyard (the church we go to) are joining together for this month of prayer. But more on that later when I've got some photos to show you...

Setting up was fun - plenty of the usual prayer room ingredients; bits of tree, fairy lights, white muslin drapes, lining paper... you know the stuff. It was looking good when we left.

We got home at 2pm and set about in a frantic house-tidying whirlwind. Stu got caught up in it and ended up dancing round the lounge with our Dyson. Sent Dan off to Tescos just before my parents, brother and sister-in-law and aunt and uncle arrived. It was great to see them all and just chill out. 3 hours later, Dan returned from the supermarket and cooked up a fab batch of yummy fajitas, followed by a huge chocolate fondue (with additional yogurt dip). Mmmmmm! I love my husband!

After plenty of food and wine had been consumed, we played Cranium. I love that game. If you've never played it, its a kind of cross between pictionary, rapidough, trivial pursuit, charades and a few other things. Very funny. Particular highlights were Dan's miming of "Free Range Eggs" Sharon's humming performance of Don't Cry For Me Argentina. All ended well... my team won. Ha!

The olds left at that point so Gav, Em, Dan and I shared the rest of the wine and played some more games whilst exercising the rats.

Got up next morning to head off to community work at church, making sure I set the oven to roast the chicken in time for lunch later. Gav and Em assured us they'd sort the veg for us. When we returned home to find them sat on the sofa watching the Muppets, I still didn't twig that something was up. In fact, I was clueless until Dan told me that we'd arrived home earlier than planned and Jude, Lucy and Flan were all on their way and we were all going out for lunch! If Dan hadn't told me I'd have been cooking veg, totally oblivious to the plotting and scheming of all my mates!

Nice lunch followed by too much chocolate cake (thanks mum!), some tea and a bit of lesson planning when Flan, Luce and Dan disappeared off to their Halesowen gig and Jude took Gav and Em to the station. After that it was off to church and then home to watch the fab Pirates of the Carribbean with Jude.

And then birthday!!

Thanks for all my lovely presents and, if you came up this weekend, thanks for coming!


  1. Happy Birthday Rachel, albeit a day or two late.


  2. Oooh, Happy Birthday Mrs Rachel!!!

  3. happy birthday!!

    you seem to know so many people up in coventry, even though you've only been there for a few months! how do you do it??! apart from PGCE and work people ben and i really only have one other good friend we've met since moving down to soton!!

    sarah xx



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