Thursday, January 19, 2006

desperate housewives season 2

That long-awaited (well, 6 months) day finally came. The first episode of Desperate Housewives season 2 was on channel 4 last night.

Dan and I prepared ourselves for it by watching the last 2 episodes of season 1 during the evening. And, in case you are wondering, I didn't force him.... it was his idea.

I was excited at the prospect of 23 new episodes of DH - I loved the last series with all its intrigue, murder, secrets and gossip so more of the same would be great. I have to say I was a little apprehensive though. The whole thing works on the basis that each character has secrets that no-one around them knows, and the series built its story on the characters finding those things out, primarily about Mary-Alice who shot herself at the beginning of the first episode, but also about each other. So I was concerned that a second season of the show might perhaps be a little lame given that many of the secrets are now out.

I think that episode 1 of season 2 should actually have been the finale of season 1. The entire episode was taken up with tying up loose ends of season 1 - Lynette getting a job, Rex's funeral, Mike returning home and Susan finding out that Zach is Mike's son. I know why it wasn't of course - it tied up all the cliffhangers that have kept us in suspense for 6 mnths so that we'd watch the next series. And there are still plenty of storylines open for season 2 - Gaby's pregnancy, Lynette's job, how many times Mike and Susan will get together and split up again, the whole issue with Rex's death/murder and. of course, Betty Applewhite and her deep dark secret in the basement.

But it was Susan's line at the end of this episode that really finished season 1. She was talking about the neighbourhood and how as long as people keep their lawns mowed and their house nice, everyone assumes that life is peachy inside and never asks.


  1. Hello Rach.,

    I have no idea waht D.H. is like as we've never watched. We're more 'East Enders'fans.

    All my kids watch it intently. It does worry me sometimes but i haven't 'banned' it in our household.

    Sometimes the storyline becomes too ungodly, and Fatma and i decide the Berker household will take a viewing holiday until the plotline settles back into the more routine meanness and plotting.

  2. It's fab. And i loved the first episode- i feel confident that there'll be enough new skeletons in closets to keep us guessing for another season. Heard a rumour that they're killing off a major character soon....



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