Thursday, January 05, 2006

kong - film or playstation game?

That's not a film!! It's a very large, expensive advert for a playstation game. It's even organised into levels for easy transition to console format.

After the introduction, the levels begin:

Level 1: Endurance - successful players must sit through an agonisingly slow ship journey across some ocean or other while nothing much really happens.
Level 2: The natives - shoot them all, they speak a different language to you.
Level 3: Adventure - get your team across the bridge and onto the island.
Level 4: Dinosaurs
Level 5: More dinosaurs
Level 6: Weird leechy things with big teeth
Level 7: Insects the size of dogs
Level 8: Honeypot game - snatch the girl away from sleeping Kong
Level 9: Bats
Level 10: Empire Status - climb the ladders up the outside of the Empire State Building wearing silver stilettos
Level 11: Kong - stop him before he destroys the whole of NYC

I haven't seen the original film so I don't know how similar this one is. Don't really feel like I've missed out though. This one is long, slow, disjointed.....

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  1. so I won't go see that then...

    its gay cowboys for me and Kate!!!



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