Saturday, January 07, 2006

what the fluff?

At Christmas, Mum gave me a gorgeous pale grey tie-front cardigan. It's made from nylon, angora and lambswool making it really soft and lovely to wear.

The problem is, it sheds endless amounts of angora fluff over everything and anything I come into contact with - my clothes, any chairs I sit on, any people I brush against, let alone hug. Dan won't come near me when I'm wearing it. I've just spend far too long with sellotape attempting to get all the fluff off the navy blue t-shirt I wore underneath it last week. It's still looking like a grey fluffy blue t-shirt, although you can at least see that it's a blue t-shirt underneath now which is more than I could say of it before!!

So... does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to what I could do to this cardigan if I am ever to wear it again without ruining all my clothes and those of any people around me?


  1. wash it... on its own.. it will stop it pilling as much eventually! Or make the rest of your world the same colour so it doesn't matter!

  2. what about if you hang it up and spray it lightly with hair spray, then leave it to dry over night???

    works for my hair!!

  3. Oh no - I used to have a light blue top like this. I loved it (especially when wearing a furry jacket with it), but yes - can empathise...

    No tips, sorry - I just forced people to cope with it ;o)

    Like the hairspray idea..



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