Tuesday, February 28, 2006

it starts

Only 1 hour and 45 minutes til Lent. There's half a flake waiting for me downstairs - my final cocoa-based fling before the 40 days.

In fact, there's quite a lot of chocolate downstairs. We've just had a pancake evening and invited our whole street over. A couple of guys came - not bad when we posted 48 invites through doors last night! It was great to meet them and find out who we're living with here. Both lovely guys, one of them has lived in Coventry since before the War and has some amazing stories to tell. They are both pretty clued up when it comes to the street as well and seemed to know everyone's names*, what car they drive, who lived in the house before them and other useful titbits of information. I guess we've been added to that list now!!

Here's waiting for another opportunity to party with the neighbours....

Look out for Lent-related blogging from Coventry Vineyard people at 40 Days

* Except, that is, for the mysterious lady next door. Maybe she doesn't have a name? She grows lots of raspberries though.


  1. would it freak you out of she turned out to be an angel... assigned to protect your street.. can you tell I've had no sleep!!!

  2. Good luck with the choccy thing!

  3. i said DON'T show anyone that picture!!!

  4. that's really lovely of you to invite all your street! :)




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