Thursday, March 02, 2006

asking the impossible?

I knew teaching practice was going to be a challenge but I wasn't expecting what I got today...

Armed with a list of the lessons I'll be teaching next week and a file full of medium term plans, I've spent this evening writing lesson plans and researching resources. One of my subjects to cover is PE. I turned the pages of my medium term plan to see what followed the Balances lesson I delivered on Tuesday and discovered that I am to teach flight!!!

I've not noticed any of the children concealing wings under their uniforms, nor have I been shown the broomstick cupboard, flight simulator or runway. I'll have to go exploring around school tomorrow.

Come to think of it, I'll have to learn to fly myself first. It's going to be an interesting weekend!


  1. Hogwarts here you come!
    I think if you concentrate on jumping off and landing neatly on yoyr feet and not on your nose you will of cracked it!

  2. hehe. that made me giggle!

    PE topics are crazy - we just did 6 weeks on circuit training.... fun....!



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