Thursday, March 09, 2006

adopted red handed

Meet my new friend:

He's a red handed tamarin and he lives in Twycross Zoo.

I've adopted him as a leaving present for the class I've been working with during my latest teaching practice. They're a bunch of monkeys and somehow the "red handed" bit seemed appropriate too!

I shouted at one of the boys today (first time I'd done that in 3 weeks) and one of the other kids just stared at me and said "I didn't know you could shout!"


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, he's beautiful! What a lovely present! Also teaches them that material things are not always the best! Well done Mrs Warwick!

  2. He is a cutie pie, bet the kids love him. I gave the children at the Nursery where I worked for a while two little Goldfish, they named them Freddie and Frank! I use to sing "Two little Goldfish swimming in a tank" with them instead of Two little dickie birds.

  3. that's such a lovely idea for a leavin present! :)

    i can't believe you're finishing 3rd placement.... do you have 4 in total, or is this it for you? I'm loving year 1, although i think i'll be aiming to start in kay stage 2... definitely would like to work in a primary school though, and jump around between the ages.

    have you enjoyed year 5? i'm hoping my last placement is year 5, as i've done years 3 and 1, so would like to be with the older ones... but not the SATS ones!! :)

    and in reply to your note - yup, i passed my tests! To my amazement i ended up with something crazy like 96% (only losing marks in one section) in English, and 92% in science... was chuffed that i'd improved on my scores in the 60s and 70s last time. :)

    hope all keeps going well for you.

    sarah xx



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