Tuesday, March 07, 2006

screen shot

I dropped my laptop down the stairs today. Stupid, I know but believe me, it was in no way intentional.

It just slipped out of my hand as I turned towards the top step ready to go down. It was one of those awful slow-motion moments as I watched every bounce and turn until it hit the bottom, crashed into the shelves and ended up on the doormat.

As you can see from the photo (click it to see a bigger one), the screen didn't survive its first foray into extreme sports. The omission of a parachute might have something to do with that.

Thankfully, the screen is the only thing that died (oh, and a tiny piece of insignificant black plastic) so I've connected it up to old monitorsaurus who was waiting in the wings. Laptop screen shop here we come. (Bye bye bank balance!)


  1. Ouch!
    Alternatively, you could just limit yourself to using applications that only need the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Or alternatively you could install the screen in a gallery, and it becomes an intriguing piece of art.

  3. Oh no....nightmare!

    I once dropped a half-full tub of Ben&Jerry's Cherry Garcia down the stairs, and yelled as I watched it bounce slowly down every step before hitting the hall floor, the lid coming off, and the ice-cream rolling out across the tiles...

    It still haunts me...

  4. Whoah Liz!

    You win - losing a tub of Cherry Garcia, the best ice cream in the world, is far worse than my laptop.

    You have my sincerest sympathies.

  5. i drop lots of things down stairs, though its my job so i don't mind.

  6. Dear Rach.,

    Love that word "monitosaurus".

    Should be in the next edition of the OED.




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