Wednesday, March 22, 2006

more random than a... coldplay video?

This evening, Channel 4 showed the premiere of Coldplay's latest music video, The Hardest Part. It was straight after Desperate Housewives so I figured I'd watch just to see what it was like. (Jude you'll love this - it's got performing old people in it!)

Oh. My. Goodness.

It starts off like something out of American daytime TV from the 1980s. The title is "Attitudes Miami" - some sort of outdoor broadcast with an audience full of windswept Saga holidaymakers and two glammed up presenter-types who introduce the "next act". I honestly thought Channel 4 had pressed play on the wrong tape.

The ladies introduce the amazing next act as a dance duo - 25 year old Spencer (camp, oiled up, muscular blonde with shares in a fake tan company) and 84 year old Barbara (flowing ash blonde hair, more wrinkles than a Laboratoire Garnier advert and a flesh-coloured lycra body suit reminiscent of the Man from Spam) and the camera pans to the couple walking on stage. They are both wearing black capes and "naked" bodysuits with black bands to hide the naughty bits.

On a stage next to theirs, Coldplay start to play The Hardest Part. And Spencer and Barbara dance. Well, actually, Spencer and Barbara begin by parading around the stage, flourishing and bowing a few times before he starts lifting, throwing and spinning her as if she were weightless and about 60 years younger than she apparently is. All this continues while the shot returns to Coldplay a few times throughout, just to remind us that they are still there and interspersed with quick shots of the incredulous faces of the presenters and audience.

There's a brilliant moment towards the end of the song when Chris Martin crouches down on the edge of the stage and, looking towards the dancers, sings "And I wonder what it's all about?"

At the end of the song, Spencer and Barbara take their final bows and the glammed up presenter ladies rush to the stage to congratulate them, declaring how amazing and inspirational they are.

If you'd have played me the track without the sound, I would never have guessed Coldplay. And if you'd asked me to describe what I thought the video might look like for that song there's no way I'd ever have even come close. Apparently it was directed by a close friend or family member of one of the band or something like that.

I'm sure there are some deep philosophical and artsy references in there somewhere but its too soon for me to be able to think of them just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

If you missed it and would like to partake in this moment of music video mastery, go to the Coldplay website, sign up for the members area (free) and then open the "Coldplayer" - a handheld console image comes up - click on the blue square in the top left hand corner, sit back and enjoy!


  1. Hm, I think that Spencer & Barbara really did do that in the 1980's as if you look closely at the flag from one shot to another, one has an emblem on it while the other doesnt. You really have to look carefully. I think they just added them to make it seem as if they were actually there. I know this cos I too am a member and watched it on the Coldplayer.

  2. You're right, check this out.



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