Monday, March 27, 2006

thirst for life

27 days into Lent.

That means 27 days without alcohol and 27 days without chocolate. And 13 more to go.

It's not going too badly - most of the time it's not all that hard.

Chocolate-wise it's meant a few habit changes, for example I don't snack when I get home from work/uni so much any more and when we have long breaks between lectures I tend to go to the computer centre rather than sit in the refectory the whole time where I'd be tempted to buy chocolate. I've realised just how often I do eat chocolate without really needing to and without thinking about it. Prime times are:
- when I can't think of anything else to have for breakfast
- when I get to uni (having not had breakfast) and want to eat something to get me through the lecture
- between lectures at uni (2 or 3 times a day)
- during/after lunch at uni/school/home
- at playtime at school
- when I get home from uni/school
- after dinner at home (pudding!)
- during the evening
- whenever I'm bored

That's quite a lot eh? Going to try to keep the good habits up even when I'm allowed to eat chocolate again. I've also lost nearly a stone which I don't think is entirely down to my reduced chocolate intake (although looking at that list, it's possible!).

Alcohol-wise it's been fairly easy. There have been the odd few moments when I've fancied a beer or a glass of wine but generally I've not really noticed. I've been to 2 of Dan's family's birthday meal celebrations (usually means muchos vinos) and happily drunk juice. Actually, yesterday I had an alternative. My lovely brother in law, Joel, has just got back from riding quad bikes over sand dunes in Dubai and brought me a present. Some of this: They don't go for alcohol in Dubai so have a good range of non-alcoholic options. Joel bought me 3 bottles of this Holsten alcohol-free lager in 3 different flavours - strawberry, lemon and mango.

I know non-alcoholic lager is usually foul but this was actually really good. We tried the strawberry one yesterday and, apart from smelling like those red bootlaces, it was quite enjoyable.

13 more days....

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  1. Hey Well done you!!! See, you can do it!! Am concerned about the 1 stone- that's quite a lot of Rachel! I'm interested in your chocolating analysis. I find that I am missing it most in the evenings after dinner and also, in the numerous social occasions I have been in where there have been all number of delicious cakes and deserts available, oh, and when work gets stressful!



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