Friday, March 31, 2006

a change of direction

In checking my weekly stats meter it seems that people arrive here from a wide variety of referring pages. There's all the standard expected ones via links from other people's blogs but there are usually a few surprises in there too.

Until recently, the most popular weird referral seemed to be people googling for images related to electric chairs or the Green Mile and getting my related post. Not anymore. The top google search for directing you to this blog is now any combination of the following words: Coldplay, Hardest Part, dancers, Spencer, Barbara

scary. I need to find some alternative topics!


  1. Ha ha!

    Yeah, I get very random referrals as well. Lots for the words of the Start Wearing Purple song, and for hamsters dancing and stuff.

    I'm thinking of writing a really randomly-worded post solely to generate hits, but I can't think what to choose....

  2. people sometimes come to my blog through searching for 'cardigan fetish' on google...! worrying.... :)

  3. Just checked out the Xander Reid site. Any plans for Birmingham / Midlands gigs?

  4. I will play the band widow saver part for you.

    My friends band Spindrift play regular at the Flapper and Firkin in Birmingham, might be worth looking in to.

    Speaking of Spindrift, Liz (comment on the left) comments regular to a friend of Spindrift on their myspace, I wondered if by some strange twist of events she also knows them?



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