Monday, April 03, 2006

passion and creativity

We watched the Passion of the Christ film at church last night, 2 years to the day that Dan and I first saw it. It had far more impact on me second time around and I found myself wincing at every blow on his body and seeing myself in the various characters he meets along the way. I was particularly struck by the way the film portrays Jesus reaction to Judas' betrayal - as the guards surround him, he looks at Judas, his face full of disappointment, love and forgiveness. Its a very powerful image and I know I've done the same thing many times - let him down, had to face him and seen the same mixture of emotions.

Also want to show you two brilliant creative offerings from a couple of friends' churches this Easter.

First up is Ben Bell's Easter Card that St Stephen's Canonbury are distributing in their area. A brilliant use of contemporary imagery to depict an Easter theme.

Secondly, Chris Curtis' church is encouraging their local estate to stop and think about Easter this year, using the themes from the stations of the cross

Both so fab they had to be shared. Enjoy....

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  1. I'm very impressed by that stuff - it's sharp and makes a strongly immediate visual impact.



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