Friday, April 07, 2006

ten silver drops

The Secret Machines, Ten Silver DropsThe Secret Machines played the Shepherd's Bush Empire last night, on the day of the release of their new album, Ten Silver Drops.

I went down with Dan and the band (Amino). Dan, Clare and I listened to the first album (Now Here is Nowhere) on the way until we got bored... about 4 tracks in. It's pretty standard prog-rock-ish loud stuff. Nothing thrillingly exciting.

Why were we going? Well, cos Stu said we should. So we did.

For some reason, it seemed important to get into the venue as early as possible so we spent 2 hours listening to a DJ playing bland prog-rock tracks and looking like a high-school lab technician.

Eventually the band came on. They played a fantastic set, definitely better live than on CD. Stu had described them as one of the loudest bands around at the moment and they certainly are! Relentless energy and driving kick drum beats kept the set going - never a silent moment as each song merged into the next.

Glad I went... been there done that!

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