Monday, April 10, 2006


Disclamier: This is a boring gratuitous "weekend news" post. If you wanted profound, deep, meaninful stuff, read something else!

Kept the annual Skegness trip short this year - only stayed 1 night instead of the usual 5 or 6. Don't get me wrong, Spring Harvest is great and Skegness... well... it's unique, but 2 days really was enough.

Actually, 2 days was fantastic. We turned up late Friday night and headed straight into the Crazy Horse for the soundcheck for Andy Flannagan's gig. While Dan set up his bass stuff I found myself a corner and sat and read for about an hour. The punters turned up for the gig, fully charged at the end of their Spring Harvest week. The gig was a weird one, in a good way but still weird. A few new songs with a sprinkling of old favourites. Some of Flan's songs go deep into current and personal issues and this particular audience were thoughtful and responsive so the atmosphere in the venue was heavy. It was good to hear some of his new stuff, and see how the gig worked with the new, reduced lineup of Flan, Dan and Lucy along with 2 Boss loop samplers. It works.

Good gig, followed by good chill out back in the chalet - tea which tasted of bleach (thanks Butlins), random assortment of food (thanks Spring Harvest) and a fantastic game of poker in which I totally cleaned up in a few short rounds thank you very much!

Saturday was changeover day so whilst the week 1 crowd packed themselves into cars and queued through Skegness to get home, we slept, watched Beauty and the Geek and ate croissants (and had a surreal conversation with Flan's chalet-mate, Adrian Plass, about how Flan was on the phone in the toilet. Nice. If he phoned you at about 12 on Saturday, he was in the loo at the time.) As the next week-load of punters prepared to queue back through Skegness to get on site, Dan, Luce and I hit Skegness to purchase 1000 postcards and a few other random items for creative worship resources.

Got back to find Bernie, brother Pete and Pete the punk unloading stuff into Centre Stage, now devoid of almost all the random items which were hanging from its ceiling last year. Why they have left the Spangles, I'll never know! Anyway, lunch in the pub courtesy of a large pile of Spring Harvest food vouchers follwed by coffee and much ridiculing of the huge amounts of Christian tack on sale in the skyline followed.

Sampled the worship and teaching in iScape... good but seemingly aimed at the lower end of the age range which is a shame. Grabbed a quick Bacon Double Cheese before off to Reds to set up for the next gig. Lovely guy Chris spent a long time showing me how to use his visuals setup for the evening before the SH visuals team turned up with their own stuff.

The second Flan gig was far less weird, mostly, I think, due to the different expectations of the 2 audiences. The first were at the end of their Spring Harvest experiences - fully fired-up and ready to recieve whatever God had to say. The second lot were at the beginning, fresh out of the real world and ready to be entertained after a hard day's travelling. Gutted that I missed seeing a good friend as she was in the audience and I was behind the screen doing visuals, neither of us aware that the other was there and I, being good for a change, had switched my mobile off.

Anyway, there you go. I said it was a gratuitous diary entry.

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