Saturday, April 29, 2006

gigtastic bank holiday weekend

Four days. Four gigs.

Gig 1,Friday: Decatone
Coventry West Indian Club

Decatone kicked off my gigtastic bank holiday weekend with the launch of their new EP, RoadRunner. I'd never seen or heard of these guys before the gig - Emily, Anna, Lou and I went because a friend of ours was running the show. Decatone are an 8-piece funk band who really know how to funk. They are tight, they are loud.... they are good!

Gig 2,Saturday: Amino
Edwards No.8, Birmingham

Amino made their gig debut in a funny little club in the centre Birmingham which was full of snogging goth/emo teenagers. Even so, it was a good entry into the gigging world, especially as 2 other bands dropped out, leaving Amino headlining the evening! Having been around for lots of post-rehearsal discussions, it was great to finally actually hear the stuff that the guys had written. Think Tyrannosaurus was my favourite song.

Gig 3,Sunday: Andy Flannagan

So this gig was more of a youth event. Ipswich churches did "The Noise" this weekend - young people get out into their communities and do stuff like garden clearing and car washing for people. The event was the culmination of the weekend. Good event, well organised and Flan's great at just being sensitive to the needs of the group of people in front of him and picking songs appropriately. Nice.

Gig 4,Monday: Meeker
In a park in Crouch End, London

Didn't make it to this one due to late night "Name That Tune" antics for Flan's birthday. Think it went well though. Maybe next year.

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  1. Wow your going to be gigged out, though I was hardcore going to gig on Friday and all day dance event on Sunday.



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