Wednesday, April 12, 2006

iTunes game

Nicked this from Rach

Set your MP3 player or iTunes on random and post a line from the first 20 songs that play, whatever they are. I've only done 11 cos I got bored!

Rach said no cheating so this is where I should confess I skipped a few tracks but that was honestly only because they had no words in them!

  • 1. "Do not lift your horns against heaven, do not speak with outstretched neck"

  • 2. "Radio, what's new? Radio, someone still loves you."

  • 3. "Life is a mystery everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name and it feels like home."

  • 4. "So they sprinkled moondust in your hair and golden stardust in your eyes of blue"

  • 5. "I loved the sound of my own voice. Didn't give anyone else a choice. Intellectual tortoise, racing with your poetry"

  • 6. "You made me forget myself. I thought I was someone else. Someone good."

  • 7. "Moses answered 'what if they do not believe me?'"

  • 8. "I knew I had crashed here"

  • 9. "I was wrong and caught red handed. Didn't work the way I planned it. Wish I hadn't dressed you with that frown."

  • 10. "It's not a secret any more, now we've opened up the door. Starting tonight and from now on, never, never be the same again."

  • 11. "I get knocked down, but I get up again."

  • Recognise any? Answers in the comments....


    1. Yours is much easier, because Rach has really, really diabolical music taste and I could only get Drops Of Jupiter, and I wasn't admitting to that.

      2. Queen - Radio Ga Ga
      3. Madonna - Like A Prayer
      6. is Perfect Day, I think?
      10. Mel C - Never Be The Same Again
      11. Chumbawumba - that song that's the only one of theirs

      How did I do, teacher?

    2. You did pretty well, even just by being my "person most likely to comment on this post"

      That's a pretty mainstream selection given the amount of random crap there is in our iTunes. We have 7737 tracks, enough to play non-stop without repeat for 25 days, 19 hours and 31 minutes and still a random selection manages to turn out Madonna, MelC, Queen and Perfect Day. Hmm.

      Anyway, well done. Thought you might get more than 5 though. What about 1 and 7 - you should know those.

    3. Ick. Martin got the only ones I knew!


    4. I am pants at this kind of game- I know nothing about music (shhh... don't tell I am a musician!) I am sure that no.4 is that one called '(They long to be) Close to you', don't know why I think it's by Michael Jackson. I'm sure it isn't (weird associations with the singing classes we had at Stage school- there was def one alongside that song by him).
      11. I recognise but cant rememeber any of the other lyrics, who it's by or the name of it!

    5. K, without googling....

      I got all the ones Martin got, and also 4 - Close To You.

      No idea about the others, though...

      Ah - just read rest of comments. Know Close To You isn't Michael Jackson. Is it The Carpenters?

      OK, I'm gonna google for the rest now....

      Ha ha! yeah, no idea about the Bible verses ones. This post is the first result for 1 :oP

      No 5 - ooooowh....
      No 8 - oo, topical bearing in mind a previous post....
      No 9 - who?! He's got a nice website, though...

      So there we go *bows*

    6. Nice one, well done Kezzie and Liz.

      I love no.5 - brilliant lyrics!

      I'll give you a clue on the Bible ones - one is a psalm and the other is from Exodus.

      Oh and Liz, he who has a nice website is absolutely fantastic and should be added to your music collection immediately.



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