Monday, May 29, 2006

red sky at night....

...angel delight!

That's my new version of the old weather proverb. Much better I think!

Anyway, it came out of our weekend of camping in the Forest of Dean. 3 lovely days with Vicki (Dan's sister) and Russ (her boyfriend), Judy (Vicki's friend), Mo and Fi (Judy's friends who are sisters), and Paul, Karen, Daniel, Simon and Tara (also Judy's friends).

It rained most of the first day so we explored things like caves and mines, dodgy charity shops and the inside of the cinema (whilst watching the Da Vinci Code... briefly... not as bad as the critics say although I did fall asleep in the middle. Bettany is good, McKellen too. Predictable, funny for the wrong reasons but not anywhere near as bad as King Kong.) by which time the rain had stopped so we ate barbecued lamb chops before converting the BBQ (tastefully designed to look like a football) into an open fire.

Spent Sunday walking in the forest, followed by more barbecuing, wine, marshmallows and open fire. Got up Monday, packed up tent and stuff into car and sat around in a field watching Russ trying to fly a kite where there wasn't any wind. Nice.

All this in Dan's first camping trip. This is how he looked this morning (he was still asleep when I took this)


  1. cool..i grew up in the forest of Dean....i lived in St Briavels, which is 5 miles of coleford...errr i think thats how you spell it..has beena while

  2. He's never been camping before? Wooow... Hope he enjoyed it!

    That's probably the most positive review of Da Vinci I've read...

    Oh - caves/mines - I went to FoD when little, and we went to, um, Clearwell? Caves.....perhaps... I remember a lake, and on the other side of it this skeleton sketched into the wall...

  3. Yep, Clearwell Caves, that's where we went. That skeleton is a modern addition!



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