Thursday, May 25, 2006

safety announcement

Having passed my test a couple of weeks ago it's taken me ages to actually want to drive a car on my own. I didn't do it at all until nearly a week after my test and even then, for the first few times I felt a bit naughty - like I shouldn't be doing it and no-one else on the road knew. I sat behind the wheel almost waiting for someone to stop me and expose me as a fake driver. It didn't feel very real!

But, ladies and gentlemen of the Midlands, tonight on the way home, I felt like a proper driver for the first time. Stay in your houses - the roads are no longer safe!


  1. sounds fab! well ne on new job and car driving skills :-)

  2. hi rach well done for getting out there by yourself it feels great doesnt it! and thanks for finding my blog not many people know about it. you are now added to my links.

  3. I remember that really well. And I remember nearly crashing! Have you tried road rage yet, you really should it's fab!!:)

  4. it does feel weird dunnit..i was like that when i first rode my motorbike after i passed my test..

    don't listen to Nick..road rage is not fab...what did the road ever do to you? it is the victimised party here!

  5. glad to hear it. have you put the scooter away for good now ?



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