Wednesday, June 28, 2006

artistic offerings

In 2 days time my final teaching practice will be over. The last 8 weeks have been fantastic - great kids, good school and really nice staff, including a fantastic class teacher. And some interesting stuff to teach too. The image here shows you some examples of the art work my class (aged between 7 and 9) have produced this half term, looking at the work of Henri Matisse, particularly his paper cut-out work. If you click on it, you can see a bigger version of the image.

The ones through which you can see the sky were made using coloured cellophane and a laminator. The rest are using coloured paper. I think they've done quite well.

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  1. that's an amazing collage, rachel
    i'm so encouraged, as i often get letters from people about Splash! saying the activities i suggest are too difficult for the children. my answer is using a polite version of: you're not expecting much of them. clearly you were, and they rose to the challenge with excellence. i hope they were as pleased with them as you (and I) are.



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