Wednesday, July 05, 2006

cheeky chillies

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers played at Coventry's Ricoh Arena last Sunday. Seemed like the perfect opportunity for a cheapskate night out...

Dan and I sat for half an hour in the car on one of the side roads behind the arena, waiting for them to start playing. It got quite late so we decided to give up and go home. As we drove down the side, we could suddenly hear the screaming guitar solo. So we pulled into the Tesco's car park on the other side of the arena and sat and listened to a couple of tracks.

By The Way was recognisable. Don't ask me what they played after that. But then seeing as all RHCP tracks sound the same anyway it probably doesn't matter. The sound quality was as good as could be expected from the wrong side of the stadium wall.

And the whole experience was... err... about as exciting as this blog post. Hmm. Sorry!


  1. I could kill the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had to take a FIFTEEN MILE DETOUR coming home from Notingham tonight to avoid the traffic from Pride Park. All because of their turd-polishing indistinct claptrap attracted thousands of really confused people.

  2. I'm *guessing* Martin is not a fan...

  3. If I'm going to drive hugely further than I have to in the dead of night, at least let it be because someone was playing who isn't mediocre beyond belief, like Radiohead...

  4. Hmm. I can't listen to much at the same time, as yup - all the same - but when I was offered a halfprice ticket to see them a coupla years ago, I actually had a really good time.

    They had extraordinary stage presence - it was electric. OK, wouldn't go again, as I'm sure they'd just do exactly the same show, but glad I did it!

  5. When I worked at The Bass Centre years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Flea,(RHCP Bassist) He was doing a clinic ( I didn't even know he was a doctor...Ha) I know, a lot of bassists really like his style, he is an exciting player and a lot of RHCP albums featured in the "Top Bass" Albums to listen to. Well all I remember was him saying that reading music was a waste of time, and that people that did so were "losers", kind of a shame to think that way. I have never wanted to see them since



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