Thursday, July 06, 2006

why is it that... soon as you ask kids to sing along to a backing track they feel it necessary to adopt an American accent?

I've just heard the children of Selsted school sing their protest song on TV. You can hear it here and to be fair, its nowhere near as bad in this recording as it was on the television.

Still winds me up though - the human voice sounds far too nasal when singing in an American accent. No class of mine will ever sing in an accent like that! Am I becoming one of those grumpy teachers with far too many personal crusades already?


(*Note to American readers: I don't have a problem with your singing. It's kids singing in a false accent I don't like!)


  1. I can only assume it's because kids are exposed to more American music, and some have very distinct voices, like Alanis Morrissette for instance. (I realise she is Canadian.)

    If you ever heard any recordings of me singing at 14/15 (which you will not, because I would melt with embarrassment) you'll spot a notable similarity to Billy Corgan, which is ridiculous I'm a girly-voiced boy with hair from Derby.

    While we're here, 'the human voice sounds far too nasal when singing in an American accent' even when sung by Americans, surely? :D

  2. Trust me - anything is better to listening to 40 kids with learning disabilities singing "Kum By Ya!"

    At least, when singing with American accents, your kids have a sense of pitch and rhythm.



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