Monday, July 31, 2006

the eden project

We had to go to the Eden Project at the beginning of the week as my NUS card expired on 31st July and students get in there for almost half price. I'm glad we did.

Eden is amazing. Well worth a visit if you haven't been. There's a temptation to take it really seriously, steaming round reading all the plant labels... information overload. So we didn't bother. We wandered slowly down through the outdoor biome, looking at some of the artwork that's set amongst the plants and anything else that interested us.

At the bottom, we sat on the grass for a while. I know it sounds weird but the grass was better than any grass I've ever seen! Pure grass - no moss or clover or daisies or dandelions and SO thick. It was soft and great to sit on. Anyway. Enough of that.

Before lunch, we ambled through the warm temperate biome - the smaller of the two. It's so chilled out in there and it smells great too cos of herbs and stuff planted there. We sat for a while in there, just watching people, enjoying the atmosphere. Nice.

Managed to find mum, dad and grandma for lunch, despite their unhelpful description of where they were. "We're on a bench near a patch of wild flowers and a signpost." Hmm.

After lunch we tackled the hot humid biome. Along with a few hundred other visitors. Outside it had just decided to rain bucketloads. I guess that's why we didn't enjoy that one so much. It's hot and humid anyway (err... hence the name!) and there were just too many people - there was no space on the paths and you couldn't wander round at your own pace, you just got swept along in the crowds. Even so, it's still pretty amazing that they've managed to grow so many jungle plants in the UK just by creating a giant fairy liquid bubble in an old clay pit.

Anyway. If you haven't already.... GO THERE!

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