Tuesday, August 01, 2006

on the rocks

On Tuesday we left Mum, Dad and Grandma to their own devices and headed off for an adventure of our own. We chose Looe, simply because a place with such a ridiculous name deserves visiting.

One thing's for sure, there are lots of cars in Looe. Not really sure why or where the people were?!

Anyway. Not much happened in Looe except for the rock adventure. On the beach there's a large group of rocks which, as well as containing several interesting rock pools, stretch right out to sea. How inviting?

To begin with, we just climbed around the first few bits whilst we gathered stones for our Hi Sam picture. But the rocks were just too inviting and it wasn't long before we set off out to sea.

Some of the rocks were bare, some barnacled, others completely covered with slippery weed. It took me a while to lose my inhibitions and be able to hop from rock to rock without holding on (like a girl!) but I did catch up with Dan eventually.

This is a pretty long blog post about not much. It's funny - the rocks in Looe were great fun, it just doesn't come across in writing. Oh well. You didn't have to read it!

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