Wednesday, August 02, 2006

float like a cadillac, sting like a beamer

After a lazy day at the beach, from which I'd just like to report that mum and I were the only two brave enough to swim in the sea, Dan and I went to Truro to see if they had cinema in Cornwall.

Cars. Disney Pixar's latest animated offering has had extremely mixed reviews. Well... we liked it. It felt quite long and the storyline is a bit weak and predictable but its good nonetheless, having that modern fairytale quality that Pixar manages to get in all of its films. It's your basic, hot-shot character cares about no-one but himself and learns the lesson the hard way moral tale. I think, though, that this is its only weakness. Everything about the film more than makes up for it.

The characters are brilliant, drawing on all the stereotypes regarding the kinds of drivers you'd find in each type of car. I particularly liked the male MPV and his smaller car wife, obviously on holiday, obviously lost due to his continuing stubborn refusal to ask for directions! I suspect, also, that if you're into motor racing in America, there are plenty of parodies and references to the stars and catchphrases in there too. But I wouldn't know. Great casting too, including a genius role for Jeremy Clarkson as Lightning's manager.

The animation is just beautiful. Pixar's attention to detail never lets them down. The cars are shiny, the scenery is breathtaking, even the rust is believable. And it's their attention to detail that makes all the incidental funnies so good too - who'd have thought of making a car movie where even the insects are cars? (little VW beetles with wings!)

I think my absolute favourite moment was the scene in which the loveable Mater takes Lightning out "tractor tipping" in the night. I won't say any more because it'd spoil it but the film is worth seeing even just for this.

When you do go, make sure you stay right to the end. Pixar always throw in an "after the movie gem" or two. Cars is no different, with car versions of all their previous films - Toy Story, Monsters Inc etc.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. This film made me wish I had kids so that I could send my father in law (who'll love it but probably won't see it otherwise) out to the cinema with them.

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