Saturday, September 09, 2006


This is Wogan. She was the last of our rat community, outliving Ararat, Ratatouille and Wogan's sister, Wally.

We had her put down on Tuesday - her mammary tumour on her rear left hand side had got rather big and, whilst it still wasn't stopping her from getting around, was looking more and more cumbersome by the day. Added to that, she had a weird lump on the side of her head and she sounded like she was breathing through treacle. Any of those things on their own would have been treatable but all together they proved too much to overcome. The breathing difficulties made surgery on the lumps impossible.

It was a weird thing to do. All the other three died of their own accord at home so it was strange dropping my last rat off at the vet to die. Best though - she was very sick.


  1. In memory of one of the other members of the community:

  2. sorry to hear about Wogan, but definitely sounds like it was the best thing for her, given the list of ailments...


  3. oh that's really sad - I remember hearing about your other rats. I thought rats were so strong they could survive nuclear wars and stuff. oh that's cockroaches isn't it?



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