Tuesday, September 12, 2006

all that i have

Will somebody please tell Dan that the "all that I have, I share with you" clause in the marriage vows didn't actually have to include stomach bugs?

So I've been in bed all day. Sleeping mostly. I'll spare you the details of the rest.

But it seemed like a good chance to do what I've been meaning to do for a while and blog about school.

I started my my first teaching job a week ago today and so far so (mostly) good. Effectively I teach 2 classes (yes, that is "effectively I teach" rather than "I teach effectively"!) - 30 year 1 pupils (5/6 years old) for English and Maths in the mornings and 27 year 1 and 2 pupils (5-7 years old) for the other stuff in the afternoons.

Most of the time, when people ask what year I teach, they sound horrified at the thought of mixed year groups. It's not so bad and definitely has its benefits as the older half show the younger half what to do most of the time. It does have its challenges, such as blending a group of kids who are used to primary school with a group who are used to a reception class which has much more independence. They are a lovely bunch though and I'm sure we'll get there.

They love the puppet (who is now called Scrape, if you were wondering), and have even forgiven him for biting a girl's fingers in maths the other day.

How long before I feel like I know what I am doing?

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  1. Much sympathy my dear. Not nice!
    Glad that school is getting better! I survived my first science lecture today! It was good, though I have the humbling experience of feeling like I know absolutely nothing!
    How was the rest of the wedding? I got lots of reading done on the train on the way home as we all had to sit seperately!



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