Monday, September 25, 2006


There are some great gigs coming up at the Warwick Arts Centre - we were just discussing last night whether or not we could justify spending the necessary ££ to see two gigs in one week. Excessive maybe but both gigs cost under £20 a ticket and who could decide between Kate Rusby and The Divine Comedy? The Divine Comedy are on Sunday night, 22nd October, and Kate is playing the following Thursday, 26th October.

Looking at the gig details last night, we noticed that both gigs are on the verge of selling out. So we splashed out on 4 tickets for the Divine Comedy gig, knowing that they're going to be ably supported by the divine Duke Special on that occasion so it promises to be a good evening.

We'll be booking the Rusby tickets by the end of the week so if you want to come too, let us know (or get your own and we'll see you in the bar at the interval!!)


  1. I saw Kate Rusby in York last Friday (tell her I said "Hi!")

    And she was utterly, utterly wonderful.

    I never saw the Divine Comedy live - so can't compare - but I can say this: KR was better, by a large margin, than anything else I have seen for half a decade or more.

    Her show was more intimate and personal; her command of her music is more complete; she is witty, charming and engaging. I've never before sat through a concert and felt like I was listening to a friend was playing something just for me (and several hundred gatecrashers.)

    Even if you have to sell your shoes, DO NOT MISS KATE RUSBY!

  2. We've got Rusby tickets now too (and yes, I still own all my shoes)

  3. The Divine Comedy were at the V-Festival this year and were ace. You've gotta go to that one.



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