Sunday, October 01, 2006

bonkers for conkers

We visited Gav and Em in their spacious country house this weekend for lovely food, DIY tasks, funny games, DVD borrowing and a walk along the Trent.

Does anyone ever grow out of collecting conkers?


  1. Did you collect loads of conkers? I did when I was out with Ta-shi this weekend. I have not a clue why, but I cannot resist them!

  2. No you most definitely do not! Since childhood, I've picked up conkers on the street from the tree in the vicarage garden, and this year thus far, have some lovely ones. And the people who I've spontaneously given them to have been pleased too! Do you remember that short Enid Blyton story in one of the ombnibuses about the conkers?
    Great pics!

  3. Had a great time collecting conkers at Turvey and taking on the monks - had forgotten the damage you can do to yourself when you miss the other person's conker!!!

    Nice to see you and Dan at Ramridge gig tonight. Sometimes it is just a blessing to be reminded of the presence of people even if they're not people you know very well or spend time with regularly. Bless you guys - it was nice to see you. All the best in your first year of teaching. I'll try and remember to pray for you sometimes when I pray for Jess in the same situation.



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