Friday, November 24, 2006

bigger man

If you'd have asked me yesterday what the last thing I saw at the cinema was, I'd have had to have hung my head and shamefully admitted that it was Little Man. Thankfully that has now been put right and the last thing I saw at the cinema was Casino Royale.

I'm not the world's biggest Bond fan. I guess I might be now but growing up, it just never seemed like the sort of thing I wanted to watch on boxing day so I never bothered. CR is probably only the 3rd 007 film I've watched through from beginning to end. Don't ask me what the other 2 were called!

Anyway, CR is very good and I will openly admit that I enjoyed it - maybe I should watch some more Bond films while I'm in the mood?

I've heard many people raving about "that scene" (pictured) where he comes out of the water in "those trunks" - a tip of the hat to the scene in the original. So it goes, the scene wasn't meant to be in this film, the crew made it as a joke but, having seen it, the female contingent of the crew campaigned for its inclusion in the final cut and it was kept. Unfortunately, my first thought was that his head is too small compared to the rest of his body.

Anyway, great film, go and see it now. Oh, not now, learn to play poker first - you'll enjoy it much more if you know what they are trying to do with the cards and what Bond needs to win.


  1. now you mention it, his head does look quite small!

    i've never really gone for the 'hunky muscly men' type, so maybe that's why i think that... ben's my 'perfect man' - talk, dark, slim and handsome! ;)


  2. The first film to feature James Bond was indeed called Casino Royale and made in 1967.

    But it is in fact a pre-emptive parody of the future Bond films - it starts with someone going to a big house full of retired 'James Bonds' - men, women and animals all called James Bond who have since retired - it then calls one of them (James NIVEN) out of retirement to go on a mission at the Casino Royale.

  3. Woh - i always knew it was the stupid parody one but i never knew it was the first. how can you have a pre-emptive parody? was it just taking the mick out of the books? had everyone readthe books to get the joke? i'm confused...

  4. hm, well i think the women were right about keeping this scene in.

    i indeed do wish i knew even a little bit bout poker - i may have understood what was going on!

  5. how many ends does a film want to have?

  6. hey Rach...
    Yes Bond was cool and all that but FLUSHED AWAY is what you should be watching this weekend - due to your weird love of rats!? Aardman and Dreamworks make a good team and both my boys (5 and 9) loved it...
    Will get review up at Darkmatters tonight if poss!



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