Tuesday, November 21, 2006

blog misbehavin'

I'm regularly viewing my blog in 2 different places at the moment, so 2 different screen sizes. This message is mostly to those of you with small screens.

I'm sorry its such a mess here at the moment. I've done all the resizing I can to get things back into place but they just don't want to go. That ring sizer image for example. It's not actually that big anymore. I don't know why it insists on staying that wide.


Normal service will be resumed as soon as I have worked out what that actually means!

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  1. hey babe. your blog kicks my blog's butt even on it's worst day. one day i would like a lesson in how to be a technical genius. anyway, we missed you on the weekend. (you didn't miss much unless you love overtiredness, wind (of the seaside sort - not bottom wind) and everyone being in weird moods.)it could've done with some rach dry wit. anyway, sending you love and your blog respect as always.



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