Saturday, January 13, 2007

the big "O"

We all knew it was coming. No-one knew when. After all, it had been long enough since the last one - how long could we really be expected to wait before it happened again?

They told us on Thursday. It's happening next week - Tuesday and Wednesday. The announcement set all the cogs in motion. Anticipation, increased heart rate, trembling, excitement, preparation (the big O takes lots of preparation), panic... People (mostly women) all over the place, hyping themselves up into a higher than usual frenzied state.

Four days to prepare (we're the lucky ones - some only get 2) and then two days while it happens. There'll be three of them to more than 20 of us. During the process one of "them" will visit each of us for about 10 minutes each. The big O doesn't take long these days.

It'll probably be over before we know it. More than likely a bit of an anticlimax. By Thursday we'll all be basking in the post "O" chill.


  1. Oh dearie me? Dare I say it? Do you have the OFSTED blues! It's surprising the amount of NQT's I know who get it well, during their NQT year!

  2. I was thinking of something else



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